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Are You Ready To Make A Album That Get Actual Results?

So your tired of getting the same sad results song after song and ready to take it to the next level? Your finally asking questions like:

  • What step do i need to take before i even goto the studio to record?

  • Whats the best way to market my music so i get more streams on my songs?

  • Am i missing out on royalites and back payments that i should be getting?

  • How do I get my music in front of more people on a budget?


What You Will Gain:


    Imagine if you knew exactly what to do and when to do it and why!


    Imagine every move you make was calculated and planned to set yourself up for success.


    Where would your life be in a year if you didnt take action today and continued doing the same as you always have? Will you be moving closer to your goals or futher away?

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here

    • Rapper Secrets | Overview

  • 2


    • Pre-Production | Overview

    • Secret #1 | Mindset - Part 1

    • Secret #1 | Mindset - Part 2

    • Secret #2 | Strategy - Part 1

    • Secret #2 | Strategy Part 2

    • Secret #3 | Registration

    • Secret #4 | Preparation

  • 3


    • Production | Overview

    • Secret #5 | Studio Etiquette

    • Secret #6 | The Recording Process

    • Secret #7 | Theme

  • 4


    • Post-Production | Overview

    • Secret #8 | Distribution

    • Secret #9 | Marketing - Part 1

    • Secret #9 | Marketing - Part 2

    • Secret #9 | Marketing - Part 3

    • Secret #10 | Analytics


Your Executive Producer


Joshua Owens

Ive worked with some of the biggest artist like Yung Bleu, No Cap and even Honeycomb Brazy (FREE HIM) and hundreds of other artist major and independent like JD Daigotti and Yung HD. I have toured many cities and states and even shared the stage with artist such as Curren$y, Three 6 Mafia, Trinidad James and Rittz.


In addition to the course itself you will also get these bonuses for FREE!

  • The Rapper Secrets Workbook

    Get a downloadable PDF of the entire course outline to use as an guide for every project until you can implement this in your sleep.

  • The Album Launch Checklist

    Get a PDF checklist of what steps to take after you have completed your project and want to turn your Album, EP or Single into a product you can sell

  • The VVS Club Membership

    A community of University Alumni providing insight and value and on the topics discussed inside the The Rappreneur University courses. Get access to the Members Only VVS Club once you complete 100% this course

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